The Clinic

Through regularly scheduled visits, you will be focusing on the following areas:

Lifestyle Interventions

  • Nutrition is perhaps our biggest focus. You will get individualized guidance on what to eat, and how to successfully use meal timing to help reach your weight and health goals.
  • We will discuss healthful eating behaviours, which involves a lot of strategies and problem solving together.
  • Optimizing sleep and stress management has crucial impact on your weight and overall health.

Medication Counselling

  • There are a growing number of anti-obesity medications which are rigorously studied (i.e. in large Randomized Clinical Trials) and are approved for use in Canada. You will get a chance to learn about these options, if they are suited for you

Dianosing and Treating the Complications of Excess Weight

  • We routinely screen for and treat medical conditions which are frequently associated with excess weight such as diabetes/pre-diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, dyslipidemia (problems with your cholesterol).