Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get referred?

You will need a referral to be a patient at our clinic. Family Physicians or other specialists can refer by faxing a referral letter to the office at 778-897-0999.

What is your criteria for a referral?

BMI 30 or BMI 27 and above with a weight-related comorbidity.

If you do not meet these criteria your referring physician is welcome to send us a letter outlining your specific indication for recommending medical weight loss.

Is there a charge for the visits?

All visits with our Obesity Medicine Certified Physicians are covered by MSP.

What can I expect from each visit?

You will have your blood pressure, weight and waist circumference measured at each visit. However, you can always request to skip a measurement.

Then you will spend 40 minutes (New consult) or 20 minutes (follow-up) with our physicians. Depending on our assessment, you may also be seeing a dietician during some of the visits.

Please see the description under The Clinic section for contents of the discussion

Do you perform bariatric surgery?



Do you sell health products?


How are you different from other weight loss programs?

The information put out by the weight loss industry is confusing and overwhelming. They are often costly to follow and often not sustainable. Our obesity medicine providers rely on evidence from research to form a plan that suits your need. There are also many chronic medical conditions, medications which require physician supervision which is provided at each visit.